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On the way from Europe to Down Under take the opportunity and have a look around on of the famouse asian metroplitan cities. Airlines fly via Bangkok, Singapore or Hongkong to several destinations in Australia. There is also good connection via Narita (Tokyo). To get to Hawaii, the south pacific or New Zealand it might be quicker going west via Los Angeles. Many travel packages offer a stop over for little more money. Lots of exotic, modern architecture and good shopping is waiting for you!

Sofitel, Tokyo view from Sofitel, Tokyo
Sofitel in Tokyo

Before going to Japan realize that this is one of the most expensive cities in the world!

japaneese toilet 1 japaneese toilet 2
how to use a japaneese toilet Japaneese high tec toilett: the very basic functions you can use without studying the instructions first...
public transport in Tokyo 1 public transport in Tokyo 3
public transport in Tokyo 2 public transport in Tokyo

In November 2002 there have been three companys operating public transport in Tokyo. Another company - another ticket!

It is hard to believe, but almost no one in Tokyo speaks english. That means you are pretty much on your own trying to find your way. Have an english guide book and a map with you.

This machine has got a button to switch the language to english. That does not help you much without an english map...

view above Tokyo from skyscraper
Tokyo, Japan shopping in Tokyo, Japan 1
shopping in Tokyo, Japan 2 shopping in Tokyo, Japan 3
Sightseeing is interesting and a bit funny. Have a look for the latest computer equippment in electric city. Prices are high compared to europe.
Tokyo at night little street  in Tokyo
orientation in Tokyo... It is definitely not easy to find your way in Tokyo.

But this city is a pretty safe place even if you get lost in one of the small roads in the middle of the night. in a box in Tokyo big building, Tokyo
Every box looks like a washing machine, but it is an appartement with all necessary equippment.
parking in Tokyo petrol station Tokyo
secured parking I have never seen those petrol stations in any other country.
electricity Tokyo This looks a bit similar to other asian cities.
All pictures taken in November 2002.

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