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The video clips are coded with DivX 4.02 (if no remark) and have (almost) TV quality. Audio files use mp3-compression. Have fun with this multimedia site!

♫ mp3 Audio - Sounds of Australia ♫
Bellbirds (301kB)
can be heard around the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) - very anoying if you have bellbirds close to your campground...
Australian Wipebird (281kB)
Guess why this bird is called "wipebird"!
Frogs (267kB)
... recorded at the Old Tressle Bridge near Lakes Entrance, Victoria
audio: Laughing Kookaburras
Kookaburras (409kB)
Two sounds will stay in your mind as they are very typical for Australia: music made with the didgeridoo and the voice of the laughing kookaburra! This beautiful and powerful little bird is a flesh eater and feeds on insects, frogs or snakes.

recorded at Magnetic Island

Koala 1 (347kB)
Sure you have seen pictures of this cute animal. And I am also sure you would never assign those noises to a Koala!

recorded at The Forts Walk, Magnetic Island

Koala 2 (269kB)
Koalas are really hard to spot in the wild. They use to sit in high trees and hardly move. Often it's easier to find them with your ears than using your eyes... At Magnetic Island there is good access to the Koalas and you can get very close!
audio: noisy Corellas
Corellas (357kB)
The Slender Billed Corella seems to be a very busy bird. At Halls Gap (Grampians) thousands of this parrots keep the sound level up in the evening hours.
Website mit audio
This site shows pictures of the white rumped swiftlet and plays an audio file. These birds use the clicking noises for their orientation inside caves. That's similar to the radar system of bats.

DivX Videos (high speed internet access recommended)
DivX Video: Kangaroos & Emus
Kangaroos & Emus (5,9MB)
Even there are a lot more kangaroos than Australians living in Australia it can be difficult to spot any. It's good to know: Kangaroos like hanging around golf courses or campgrounds.

At Geehi, a big campground at Snowy Mountains National Park you will see many of them!

(45 sec)

DivX Video: Platypus - Schnabeltier
Platypus (4,7MB)
If you like to see the Platypus very close you should spend a night or two at the Broken River Mountain Retreat at Eungella National Park. Get to the viewing platform at dawn or at dusk and stay quiet!
The Eungella National Park is one of the nicest in Australia and has a lot more to offer!

(640 x 480, 21 sec; Video recorded in 2001)

DivX Video: Carpet Python - Teppichpython
Carpet Python (3,1MB)
The Carpet Python is a very slow moving harmless snake.
filmed at Eungella National Park, Queensland. (17 sec)
DivX Video: Fruit Bats in Hervey Bay
Fruit-Bats in Hervey Bay
(12,5 MB)
Fruit Bats - smelly and very noisy during daytime.
These bats feed on the juice of fruits (like mangos). Thousands of them fly from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island each evening.

(600 x 480, 39 sec)

Galahs, WA
(7,2 MB)
Galahs at Kalbarri, Western Australia. (32 sec)
(6,5 MB)
Bridges like those are seen on some minor roads. (21 sec)
DivX Video: Black Cockatoos
Black Cockatoos
(8,9 MB)
The big Black Cockatoos were filmed a few hours drive south of Sydney near a parking lot. (23 sec)
DivX Video: Koalas Magnetic Island
Koalas (13,1MB)
Koalas at the Forts Walk, Magnetic Island.

(640 x 480, 47 sec; video recorded 1998)

DivX Video: Rainbow lorikeets - Allfarbloris
Rainbow lorikeets (7,1MB)
South Mole Island (Whitsunday Islands): hundrets of the noisy Rainbow lorikeets wait to be fed each afternoon - spectacular!

(44 sec; video clip recorded March 1997)

DivX Video: Keas Milford Sound
Keas (9,2MB)
The Kea is the only parrot living in the snow. If you like to see the intelligent Keas in the wild go to Arthurs Pass, to the Fox- or Franz Josef Glacier, or meet them on your drive to Milford Sound. Take care of your car - they like all the rubber in and outside!

(91 sec; video filmed in February 1997)

Video: Kickboxing Kangaroos at Halls Gap
Kickboxing (8,8MB)
Kangaroos at Halls Gap (Grampians - about three hours drive west of Melbourne). The Slender Billed Corellas are responsible for the audio track of this clip.

(640 x 280, 79 sec; coded with MS-WMV9)

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