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Las Vegas|Hoover Dam|Grand Canyon & Glen Canyon|Zion

Las Vegas (Nevada) -
Hoover Dam -
Grand Canyon - Glen Canyon (Arizona) -
Zion National Park (Utah)
Boulder City is a pleasant little town at the border to Arizona without gambling machines.
From here it's just a short drive to the famouse Hoover Dam.
pictures taken in
spring 2007
Motel at Boulder City
Boulder City
Boulder City
Boulder City
Lake Mead
view to Lake Mead
parking lot
expensive parking at
Hoover Dam. There is free parking 100 meter further...
Lake Mead and Hoover Dam
at Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
view down from the Dam
Hoover Dam, 242 meter high,
thickness at bottom: 220 meter
Hoover Dam - power lines
power lines at
Hoover Dam
panoramic picture of the Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam -
panoramic view
Drive from
Hoover Dam to the East

The tour continues to Kingman, then along the old Route 66.
old Steam Train at Kingman
Steam Train at Kingman
Arizona's Route 66
Route 66
historic Route 66
town at Route 66
Roadkill cafe
Roadkill Cafè
wild west feeling at Route 66
at Route 66
oldtimers at Route 66
at Route 66
funny shop at Route 66
Betty Boop's souvenir shop
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Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim)

This site was published in May 2007.

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