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Las Vegas (Nevada) -
Hoover Dam - Grand Canyon - Glen Canyon (Arizona) -
Zion National Park (Utah)
There are two gates to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, both reached by road 64. The entrance fee in 2007 was US$ 25 per week per car.
Accomodation is aviable in Williams (smaller town - approximately one hour to the park), Flagstaff (a bit more than an hour), Tusayan (close to the park entrance), or at the Grand Canyon Village insite the park.
pictures taken in
spring 2007
Über die Straße Nummer 64 gelangt man zum südlichen Teil des Grand Canyon National Parks. Verschiedene Übernachtungsorte bieten sich an: Williams (Kleinstadt), ca. eine Stunde bis zum Parkeingang; Flagstaff (Universitätsstadt), eine gute Stunde Fahrzeit; Tusayan (kleiner Satellit, teurer), wenige Kilometer vom Parkeingang; Grand Canyon Village, direkt im Park.
the Grand Canyon at sunset
Grand Canyon at sunset
road from Williams to south rim
Drive from Williams to
Grand Canyon National Park
road sign "deer"
car park
car park near
visitor information and
Mather Point
weekend visitors at Grand Canyon
lookout at Grand Canyon
(Mather Point)
people at Mather Point
Elevation of the South Rim (Mather Point): 2170 m!
Grand Canyon lookout
Grand Canyon -
view to Phantom Ranch
Zoom to Phantom Ranch
Phantom Ranch (elevation: 768 m)
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
rim trail
Grand Canyon Rim Walk
Grand Canyon visitor information
visitor information center
Grand Canyon south rim
panorama picture of the Grand Canyon
panoramic view (Yavapai Point)
squirl at the rim
squirl at Yavapai Point
Grand Canyon - Yavapai Point
Yavapai Point
big birds
Bright Angel Trail - hike into the Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Trail
do it the hard way or the easy way...
The easy way to climb from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the rim!
magnificent view into the Grand Canyon
lookout terrasse at Maricopa Point
Maricopa Point
shuttle bus at Hopi Point
Transport to western section of the
Grand Canyon National Park
(south rim)
view from Hopi Point
view from Hopi Point
view from Hopi Point
Hopi Point before sunset
Colorado river - view from south rim (Hopi Point)
Colorado river
Deer at Grand Canyon

Going north from Flagstaff it is a couple hours drive to Page. Page is a nice little town with heaps of motels. There is not much to do here except the lookout to the beautiful Glen Canyon Dam and the power station. To enjoy Lake Powell you should have a boat!
Flagstaff & snowy mountains
Flagstaff University area
road 89
north of Flagstaff
on the road
Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam at Page/Lake Powell
Lizard at lookout point
Colorado river - Glen Canyon
Glen Canyon - Colorado river
bridge, Glen Canyon
at the power station
view to Lake Powell
Lake Powell
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This site was published in April/May 2007.

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