How to use this map

Change frame size zu fit your screen. Change browsers text size if text in map is not at its place. Scroll map to get to your destination and click your target. Select a picture from the left window. Another click will open it enlarged in a new window. Close that window and continue your journey! Important at this stage: do not click on any other links than the pictures in the left frame as that will take you to the german section of

There are only cities and places marked on this map which I explored myself. Even though there are lots of links it's far away from beeing completed.

Roads are drawn in different colors. That should help you planning your own trip:

red stands for scenic route, nice landscape, many attractions, national parks, walking tracks - means places you like to be and stay.
black means the opposite: less attractions, nothing special around - so keep on driving!
orange is something in between top highlight and totally boring...

The colors do not characterise the roads themselves but the area around (villages, parks, attractions,...).

So plan your trip and spend as much time as possible within the red marked areas!

Have fun with this map - there will be more destinations been drawn in after every trip I make to Australia!

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